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pleasently surprised ∝ happy

My adversion and fear of loss is a hindrance to happiness. It's silly of myself to be so afraid of something that everyone faces as well - no sense in feeling especially afflicted.
Everyone is the main character of their story. 
I'd been scared to admit to myself that I've been truly happy as of late -  as if the mere acceptance of such would trigger its departure. 
I'm thankful that my past experiences have made me who I am - I accept myself for who I am now and know that's the only person I'll ever truly be. I am now thankful that I am made to feel so deeply.  
I am thankful to have met someone so wonderful. He seems to have loved and lost in the past, but hopefully I'll be part of his present and future for as long as he'll have me.
As much as I want, I need to remember that maybe not everything is meant for forever and the fear of what the future may be shouldn't keep me from enjoying what is today.
After all, what is life but a mere series of …

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